Our story begins when Giovanni and Alessandro Marigliano, still youngsters, approach the world of pastry thanks to the teachings of their brother, Pasquale, a well-known and established member of the Academy of Italian Pastry Masters.

United in their passion for sweets, they decide to realize their great dream: to create a confectionery product of artisan quality that recalls tradition, also evoking the colors and scents of the Campania region. Thanks to Alessandro’s imagination, tradition is transformed into innovation and elegance for those looking for attention to detail even in the presentation of the product.

Our recipe is simple: only natural ingredients, such as fresh butter and milk, but also many typical products of the Campania region and the Vesuvius National Park, such as melannurche and pellecchielle apricots.

From our artisan laboratory located on the slopes of Vesuvius, our desserts have arrived in other beautiful cities in the world. We have decided to bring our excellence to the best restaurants and hotels in Italy and beyond. A journey that unites all our lines, from cakes to single portions, up to the sweets in a jar and the award-winning leavened products of the holidays. The two brothers offer a line of soft leavened products dedicated to traditional festivities: panettone, pandoro and colombe made with mother yeast, handed down for generations.

Our project is constantly expanding, but we are committed to maintaining the artisan quality that characterizes us.

We distribute in the best restaurants, bars and hotels in Italy and in the world.